Wedding Season is Here!

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Spring is finally here which means we have been busy with appointments from caterers and wedding planners, to florists and nervous brides-to-be.   What seemed like an event far off in the distance is now only a few weeks away. Are you ready?

Our brides have been calling off the hook wondering if candles can hang from the oak tree, how their bridal party should enter the ceremony, where to put the cake table (just to name a few). With only a few weeks left to prepare, all the fine-tuned details are finally coming together. It’s show time!

The most important part of making sure a wedding goes off without a hitch is making sure the event timeline is in order. This list goes out to the bridal party, the photographer, the DJ, the venue coordinator, and anyone else who is playing an important role on the big day. Without this timeline, how would we know what time to send the bridesmaids down the aisle? How would we know when the cake is supposed to be cut? How would we know what time the first dance is taking place? Creating this list takes the pressure off the bride and puts it in the hands of those organizing the event. All that is left to do is enjoy the evening!

Make sure not to leave out any of the details that you have been working so hard on for the last couple of months, and let us take care of the rest.  We cannot wait to get wedding season started!

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